About Me

Piglet's Official Photo : By Chha ^^

* First and foremost We Piglets would like to thank our readers for requesting this 'About' page to be included into our blog. It come to our surprise that readers actually take interest into wanting to know who are the Two Piglets from Piglet's Land Blog. We really appreciate the respond from readers and therefore this page is created. Also, We thank readers for the continuous support in visiting and re-visiting Piglet's Land in search for new post and updates.

The history of Piglet's Land goes way back into year 2009 where it started off initially with two good friends who love to travel and hunt for food. After awhile, we feel that the photo that we took during our food hunt and traveling is taking up a lot of space in our hard disk without serving any purpose. Then we thought, why not we share our photos with the world ? Therefore in year 2010, which is when we write our first post for this blog. We officially started Pinky Piglet Land, a land of food and traveling post. We may not be a professional photographer to start with or even good at writing blog, but we try our best to write each post as good as we can be. Piglets still stick to the idea of posting photos, photos and more photos .. !