Hi Tea Delifrance Mines 2010

By : Chha

It's 11am now, having a meal now does it still consider as breakfast? Early lunch or late breakfast? How does people define the exact time for meal? People always say no snack between meals so that is why Malaysian comes up with really nice terms for those who like snack or like to eat between main meals. What a nice way to counter the saying huh? If you eat in between breakfast and lunch, we call it ‘brunch’. If you eat in between lunch and dinner, we call it ‘Hi Tea’, hmm ... does ‘Low Tea’ exist? Haha! Lets come up with one ... if you eat between dinner and next day breakfast, we call it ‘Supper’ ... haha! Clever rite? Anyway, it is still early now to call for lunch, so here are pictures to bring up readers appetite for lunch later.

Pictures of pastry taken during Hi Tea at Delifrance in Mines

Hungry now? Ok ... go go ! It’s time for lunch, even if it’s not for you readers, but it is now time for us the little piglets here to eat! Hmm hmm ... !

Posted Date : 2 June 2010
Posted Time : 11.06am