Little Tree Kuchai Lama

By : Chha
Writing Idea By : Kaey

31 August 2010, yet another day Malaysia mark its independence day, it’s been 53 years ever since Malaysia get its independence. Celebration has been going wild every year ever since, count down, party, club and stuff. It was cool at times, but for piglet, celebrating the same thing for 53 years gets boring sometimes. Celebration it’s not always about how high you get during a party or how drunk you are. This year, let we the piglets show you readers some nice food instead of nice clubs in town for Malaysia 53rd years of independence day celebration. As many people are going green to save the world, let us show u green, haha ! Little Tree is the place, thou it’s not really a green vegetarian place, but it’s still green, with small little trees … !!

Happy Malaysia 53rd Independence Day

Posted Date : 31 August 2010
Posted Time : 1.16 am