Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum Kuchai Lama

By : Chha

Everything goes, that’s what it is for us .. THE PIGLETS .. haha !! so what goes this time ? Chinese food !! No 6 months advance booking of flight tickets needed, no annual leave application needed and no need to fly all the way to Hong Kong to indulge the Japanese sushi look alike ‘Dim Sum’. Or should I say .. the Chinese Dim Sum look alike sushi ? anyway .. its just food .. what satisfy .. the tummy :D !! hehe ..

This time we piglets ‘oik’ our way to Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum at Kuchai Lama.

Enjoy !

Don’t mind the oil that comes together with the Dim Sum, take it as a ‘Get Fat’ Diet Master Plan .. haha !! yet again .. what satisfy ? the tummy !!

Posted Date : 1 August 2011

Posted Time : 9.52 pm


  1. The lau sa pau(Golden Bun) is the best leh! you didn't order it?

    1. oh, didn't order that bun .. didn't know about it at that time ..


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