China House Victoria Street Penang

By : Chha

Ok, so let’s see .. !! “Posted Date : 1 August 2011”, omg !! that’s was the last time this blog was updated ? gosh  .. !! the piglets must have been really busy .. ! after hibernating for so long, me, the little piglet is back for food and more food .. hehe .. but doing this FAT mission alone without the other piglet does felt a little different ..  well since this is the first post  without the other VIP piglet involvement, me, the other half of the piglet in piglet land would like to bring you readers up north to Penang for some dangerously hot food action !! haha .. so to kick things off after years of hibernation .. me, piglet would like to introduce ….

China House Restaurant Penang !!

As usual .. piglets are about more pictures and less words .. so here goes !!

The schedule for live bands performance.

Iced Coffee With Ice-Cream

Tiramisu With Kahlua Cake

Chicken Breast Spaghetti

Chicken And Mushroom Pie

Raspberry Ice-Cream

Well, this is not food obviously .. haha ! Its crayon used for drawing. The restaurant provides paper on every table for customers to draw what ever their creativity brings them.

Going up to the first floor of the restaurant is the 'Art Space' where drawings are display for sale

This is the guests book where guest leave notes, signature and comment. Me, the piglet didn't miss out the chance to do so too .. with piglets signature in the guest book, it marks the FAT mission completed for the day !

Other than, the guests book, there is another book, which is the art book that allow guests to draw 'art' as they wish ..

The signature piglet's drawing in the art book of China House Restaurant .. "Piglet Was Here" !!

For more information on the restaurant, readers can check out the China House official page :

Posted Date : 21 April 2013
Posted Time : 6.01pm