Stacks Burger Jalan Siam Penang

By : Chha

We owner of Piglet Land always fight with all our might to bring you photos of food !! Even if it means to sacrifices our own breed .. ops .. though it’s sad to say, but yummy to read ..  we are bringing you to Siam, ehh .. well Jalan Siam at least .. hehe .. in Penang, for ?? Smoked Bbq PORK Burger @ Stacks Burger.

100 Plus .. Unless stated otherwise ... haha !

Smoked BBQ Pork Charcoal Burger

With Egg

Without Egg

Dawn breaks on yet another day,
But the light is nowhere to be found,
On this sky murky and gray,
Hope seems lost on this battle ground.

Many young pigs have died, sacrifices were made,
To bring you this pork smoked burger in black or gray,
Why did we not stop these pigs who were betrayed,
From their very own leaders who themselves were afraid.

To stand firm and bring you this post so smile away
As the piglets in Piglet Land are safe from slaves .. hehehe ! No piglet are harm in the making of this post .. haha !!

Posted Date : 21 April 2013
Posted Time : 10.03 pm