Ice Cream Societe

By : Chha

How to know if the hunter is back ? You will know when the hunters are the piglet themselves .. ! haha .. ! (^.^)v, is that a good answer ? It may not be the best, but piglets always do their best to bring readers the best 'idea' for Food And Travel .. !! That is the main reason why piglets are FAT ! (^.^)v.

So what are the killers for diet ? Ice cream of course !

Ice Cream Societe ! Located in Village Mall, Sungai Petani may not be hard to find but most people over look the place as it is located at the far end corner of the mall. To find Ice Cream Societe, look for Grand Cineplex on Second Floor of the mall. Ice Cream Societe is just at the cinema hall exit which is next to the elevator.

Posted Date : 13 November 2013
Posted Time : 10.43 pm