The Twelve Cups

By : Chha

Lets do this a little differently this time.
Starting by .. the address .. " 12, The Whiteaways Arcade, Beach Street, 10300, Penang "
Some pictures ..

Now, the story ... haha ! So, get the kick yet ? Feeling hungry ? haha ! The place is call, The Twelve Cups as you all already know from the first picture in this post. It is just by the road side of  Beach Street, Penang .. There are a row of shops which have almost similar design so be on the look out for the sign board placed outside of the shop.

The Twelve Cups offer various Coffee, Mille Crepe, Juice, Dessert and Bread, though piglets would prefer the Crepe from Humble Beginnings but a slice of Crepe from The Twelve Cups would be good enough to satisfy the craving for Crepe rather than to have a whole big one to fill the tummy.

Posted Date : 15 November 2013
Posted Time : 9.05 pm