Legoland Malaysia @ Nusajaya, Johor

By : Chha

LEGO ! it used to be something that piglets play when we were just a little piglets but now when we grow bigger in size LEGO grows too ! haha ..

Piglets would love to welcome you to our favorite play land .. Legoland Malaysia the first in Malaysia situated in Nusajaya, Johor.

Traveling there is not hard if you are driving there yourself. There are signboards all around that will leads you directly to Legoland. Since the place is a very vast place covering land of 76 acres therefore it is a place impossible to miss if you are able to get there in the correct direction following the provided signboards.

To us, we personally think that, playing in legoland for a day is just not enough ! Taking photos of all the attractions took us one full day to do so, that is the reason why we end up taking more than 500 photos just for the Theme Park ( Dry Land ) which does not include the wet park yet.

Legoland are divided into a few section with each section having their own name. For example Miniland which features some of the great architectures and buildings around the world like the Forbidden City, China, Petronas Towers, Malaysia, Singapore Flyer, Wat Arun, Bangkok, Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Taj Mahal, India and many more.

Apart from Miniland, Legoland also features theme park that offers rides which is placed at a different section of the land. Each theme park are divided into few different themes such as Dragon's Apprentice, Project X, Dino Island and The Lost Kingdom.

Finding food is not even a problem at legoland as each section of the theme has its own cafe or restaurant that caters food for visitor, may you be eating on the go or dining in.

Each section of the theme also have their own shows and characters which allow visitors to take photo with.

We must say that Legoland is the only theme park that we have seen, where each section of its theme have its own name, restaurant or cafe, souvenirs shop, rides or games and rest area. This is particularly very convenient for visitors.

Legoland Malaysia at Nusajaya, Johor is certainly a place worth visiting.

Posted Date : 25 June 2014
Posted Time : 11.53 pm