Sweet Forest Cafe @ I-Avenue, Penang

By : Chha

* Update 28 June 2014 : Piglets were informed by readers that Sweet Forest Cafe has been closed down and no longer in operation. Piglets would like to thank readers for the information and feedback given.

Sweet Forest Cafe at i-Avenue which is near to the big roundabout at Bukit Jambul Complex. Serve various types of Cakes, Pastries and Pasta. Before piglets starts to lure readers with photos, let us do some rating. Just as a reminder to readers, the rating stated here are base on piglets personal thoughts and preference, it might differs from others.

In terms of tastiness of the food, we would rate it at 7/10 while for service will be 5/10 and pricing .. hmm .. its not that pricey so we are going for a 6/10 which is around average.

Now for the photos ! Enjoy .. !

Posted Date : 26 June 2014
Posted Time : 11.48 pm