Taiwan : Sunshine Feng-Chia Suite

By : Chha

This time around, the post is slightly a little special. Piglets usually don't do this, but since piglets are entrusted with a task by the owner of this homestay as a photographer for the day with special access to most of the rooms in the homestay so piglets decided to help promoting the homestay for you readers out there :D .. hehe !

Firstly, piglets would like to thank the owner for the good service they provide and the chance to snap as many photos as we piglets wish.

Where is this place exactly ? Its a homestay in Feng-Chia, Taiwan !

This homestay is located around 50 meters walk away from Feng-Chia famous night market. This location is great for tourist who love to shop and eat.

After a tiring walk and satisfying the tummy. Tourist can have a good rest and relax at the Sunshine Feng-Chia stay. Each room of the homestay are decorated with different theme as photo below. Enjoy !

The most famous Hello Kitty Room

Other Rooms

Each room have its own WiFi internet access

Clean and well maintain bathroom

Each room have some tea and biscuits

If readers are planning for at stay in Feng-Chia, Taiwan. Piglets strongly recommend this Sunshine Homestay !

For More Info : https://www.facebook.com/twdaylight

Posted Date : 22 June 2014
Posted Time : 2.38 pm