Kulim Forest Restaurant

By : Chha

Talking about forest, this next post is really a hard place to find if you are not a local from that area. Piglets food hunt for this post was made easy by help from some friends. Thanks to them, we are able to find this restaurant without any problem. Its name says it all, this restaurant is build on a concept of a forest with trees surrounding it. Piglets went there at night, with low light condition, the place is quite romantic but its not an advantage for photography by using a low end hand phone.

If readers are there with family and prefers a well lit place to dine in, readers can choose to sit at a place which is brightly light up while enjoying the view of a small pond at the side.

While for those who prefers a little privacy, there are small 'hut' like seating place for customers to dine in. This 'hut' may be small but its able to accommodate up to 7 or 8 people comfortably.

There is also tables for those who would prefer to eat at an open air place.

Now here is the important part, the food ! Let piglets rate it .. 9/10 .. ! The food taste good and is worth the money we pay. So its recommended as a must try place to eat and enjoy !

But before piglets end this post. We think that the address to this place is important as it is not an easy place to find.

Address : Lot 10558 Kampong Padang Kulim, Malaysia
More Information : https://www.facebook.com/KulimForestRestaurant

Posted Date : 13 July 2014
Posted Time : 4.23 pm