Street Art Cafe @ China Street, Penang

By : Chha

As piglets were walking down the streets in georgetown looking for food again, piglets can't help but to notice this little cafe at China Street, not a big grand cafe but a little small one at the end of the road. As it is going to be a festive season again here in Malaysia where our Indian friends celebrate Deepavali, the traffic in China Street and every streets that lead to Little India is basically jam pack ! Well, piglets manage to find a parking space nearby so that we can check out this cafe. Piglets didn't know that this cafe is actually new, yay ! until we ask the waiter in the cafe and was told that it was open around a week ago on the day of our visit on 18 October 2014. Piglets were so excited and was hoping that piglets will be the first to blog on this .. haha ! so we did some google search .. and yay ! we can't find any blog post or write up on this cafe (on the day this blog is written 21 October 2014, 1.23am) .. which is a double yay yay for us piglets .. hahaha ! Finally, the very first post in the whole wide world (piglets hope, fingers cross, hehe). We check out the cafe facebook page and realize that the grand opening for the cafe was on 5 October 2014, which is seriously still brand new up to this date .. coooool ! hehe ..

Here is the link for their facebook page :

At first, piglets were expecting to see a lot of street type of art work inside this cafe but that is not what piglets saw but there is some nice art work on one side of the wall inside the cafe which piglets think that it is cute and nice ..

The Penang most famous word .. #bojio .. hahaha !!

This cafe is not big is size as said earlier but it does have a small private corner for customers who wanted more privacy when dining in.

Piglets love this light, its a heart shape .. haha !

While for the food, there is this Today's Special : Chicken Burger which the waiter recommended us to try which include drinks and dessert, but piglets will have to pass on that as we are hungry for some more heavy food, therefore we ordered something else.

Chocolate Banana
RM 11.90
* This Chocolate Banana drink is tasty

Bolognese Spaghetti
Tomato Based Sauce with Minced Chicken & Spaghetti
Rm 10.90
* It tasted just like how a Bolognese Spaghetti should taste, nothing to complain.

Breakfast Set
Omelette, Grilled Tomato, Saute Mushroom, Ham, Hashbrown & Greens
RM 13.90
* This breakfast set is tasty, the omelette taste nice and the saute mushroom is good too.

There are also few types of cake available here

Look at the cute bunny .. !

Some beer to go with the food ?

What is the best thing to do after a nice meal ? Sit down, relax, talk talk talk and talk of course, haha ! but instead piglets challenge each other to some simple indoor games.

Here is piglets rating for this Street Art Cafe

Environment : 9/10
Food : 8/10
Food Served : 9/10 ( Its fast, considering it to be a new cafe and also base on piglets experience with new cafe .. haha .. )
Service : 8/10

Address : 80 & 82, China Stree, 10200 Penang
Telephone : 04-2628525 / 016-4964210

Sweet Art with your Sweet Heart !

Posted Date : 21 October 2014
Posted Time : 01.57 am