Old House Station Restaurant @ Sungai Petani

By : Chha

Hi, ya'll .. ! (^.^)v
Well here is a quick update from piglets for this week. This post is to introduce a Thai food restaurant in Sungai Petani. This restaurant is said to have been operating here for quite some time but piglets only discover and notice this restaurant just days ago.

Old House Station Restaurant, serving mostly Thai food with some mixture of Chinese food in an old village house type of setting.

Piglets have been searching for posting on the restaurant for the past few hours but was unsuccessful which shows that no one have blog about this restaurant before. There don't seems to have address posted anywhere from the web so piglets took the initiative to get the GPS coordinates by roughtly checking through google map so that this will make readers easier to find the location of this cafe.

GPS Coordinates : 5.630955, 100.514237

For those who are familiar with area around Sungai Petani, this restaurant is opposite the Metro Specialist Hospital.

This old house type restaurant have lots of seating place on the outside in their open space compound surrounding the restaurant while only a few seating place on the inside.

Piglets are not sure if this is the operating time for the restaurant because piglets don't understand mandarin .. haha ! anyway, this photo is taken for your reference .. haha ! (but it does looks like the operating hour .. hmm ..)

YES !! This restaurant does serve beer, that makes this restaurant not a halal restaurant.

While for the food. Its tasty !
For rating, piglets would give 8/10

And now for its decoration and design.
This place is really antique, it looks antique in an original old house decoration and it even smells antique .. it really does .. smell like an old house .. we mean seriously .. it smell old and antique in a good way .. not a bad smell though ..

Rating ? Hmm .. piglets rate it at 7/10.
At night, the environment is romantic accompany by background music ranging from the era of The Beatles to the 'New School' .. haha ! but the things they use for decoration are too many, making it looks a little crowded especially those items hanging on the wall but .. its all good (^.^)

Rating for service would be 7/10
The service here is good but since they only have 1 menu for the entire restaurant, piglets basically have to wait in line to get serve. Piglets would like to suggest that the owner have more menu for customers to look at while waiting. Food serving time is also acceptable.

Overall piglets would say that this restaurant is a worth-to-go place !

** Oh yah, if reader notice, piglets is using large photo size for this post because we receive comment from readers that they would prefer to see a larger size photo. Thanks readers for the comment. Piglets will do our best to serve readers better (^.^)v ... haha !

Posted Date : 07 December 2014
Posted Time : 10.51 pm