Milkcow @ The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur

By : Chha

From Korea to Malaysia, Milkcow .. the premium organic soft serve ice cream is now open in The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur. Piglets goes Woo-Wah about this when we first find out that the outlet is open in Malaysia and we make it a point where this is a must try ice cream in our hunt list. And so we did !!

Officially launch on 28th November 2014, Milkcow is located on the Lower Ground of The Gardens Mall and Mid Valley Megamall.

Getting there is easy, obviously readers will have to reach Mid Valley Megamall or The Gardens Mall first ... haha ! If you are in Mid Valley go to the Centre Court of Lower Ground then look for the escalator to The Gardens Mall but don't take the escalator up. Milkcow is of the left side of the escalator. If you are in The Gardens Mall then go to the Ground Floor and look for Louis Vuitton shop, in front of Louis Vuitton there is an escalator, take the escalator down and Milkcow will be on your right side.

Milkcow is famous for its ice-cream topped with honeycomb.

The ice cream is really smooth, unlike any other ice cream that we have tried before and it has some light taste of milk to it but just a very mild one. It does not taste sweet, it tasted just like an 'empty' type of milk ice cream. The sweetness of the ice cream actually come from the honeycomb topping, so it is recommended by piglets for readers to eat the ice cream together with the honeycomb to lower down the sweetness of the honeycomb instead of eating them separately.

Other than the honeycomb topping, Milkcow does sells other topping as well and is not just limited to those we show here in this post.

Posted Date : 16 January 2015
Posted Time : 01.57 pm