Passions of Kerala @ Gelugor, Penang

By : Chha

Have you ever had the experience of getting out of the house, driving without direction of where to go and after hours of driving, you end up eating at a restaurant even thought its past meal time and you are not even hungry ? This post is exactly how it is. It is a wonder how piglets stomachs are capable of keeping so much food .. haha !

We were not on a food hunt actually when we come to this restaurant and the only camera we have is our hand phone.

Restaurant Name :
Passions of Kerala

Location : 
5, Lorong Endah 4,
Taman Brown,
11700 Gelugor,

Banana Leaf Rice

Chicken Curry

Fresh Orange Juice

Passions of Kerala is a restaurant that serve banana leaf rice, an indian food with rice, vegetables, poppadoms, dahl and curry served on a banana leaf.

The rice here tasted OK ! Nothing for us piglets to complain about. The banana leaf rice taste exactly like a banana leaf rice .. obvious right ? haha ! Well at least it does not taste like a pineapple fried rice or tom yam noodles .. haha !

Well, this restaurant is worth a try.

Other Outlet :
George Town New World Park,
No. 102, Lorong Swatow Off Jalan Burma

Posted Date : 19 January 2015
Posted Time : 05.10 pm