Snapfie @ Kek Chuan Road, Penang

By : Chha

The world come to a craze with the self capturing type of photography which leads to the existence of the word 'Selfie' .. haha ! It was first 'Selfie' .. then it turns to be 'Wefie', thought the word 'Wefie' is not officially recognize as a proper word for more than a person taking 'Selfie' but some still use it, especially us .. the piglets ! haha .. The word later on revolutionize into becoming 'Groupfie' .. haha ! We piglets foreseen that there will be more and more new words to come out in the future .. haha ! So today we would like to bring you another new word, SNAPFIE !!

Well SNAPFIE is said to be a selfie studio. Ehh .. sounds weird right ? hehe .. this is what get us piglets so hyped up to go and try out this weird thing, haha ! Anyway, here is how it works. SNAPFIE is a place for people to take photo by their own. Customers will be place in a room, probably what they call as the black box.

In the black box there is one big type of DSLR camera with bright lighting, multiple backdrop, a lot of costume and a lot of funny, weird, cute stuff for SNAPFIE customer to pose with. The only camera that is inside this black box is the DSLR camera, there is no CCTV or any hidden camera (as inform by SNAPFIE staff) so customer can either change their costume inside the black box or inside the changing room provided.

When customers are ready with their costume and props they can start snapping photos ! Since there are no one else in the black box, customer can do what ever pose you like, get weird and have fun doing it with no photos limit. So snap as many as possible, in the time frame given of course.

We went for an hour of craziness at SNAPFIE and it was really fun. Piglets took a lot of photos which a lot of it are really funny which keeps us laughing even until now when ever we look at the photos. SNAPFIE allow us to bring home all the soft copy photos we took on that day by burning it into a CD.

SNAPFIE is definitely a fun way to take SELFIE ! hahaha ...

Remember to call up SNAPFIE for reservation to check for available slots before going over.

Facebook :

Address :
No 2, 1st Floor,
Kek Chuan Road,
George Town,

5.415357, 100.324805

Map :
It is somewhere along Jalan Kek Chuan (Kek Chuan Road).

Posted Date : 12 February 2015
Posted Time : 01.20 pm