Sugar Honey @ Campbell Street, Penang

By : Chha

It may be a little late to blog about Sugar Honey right now as it has been operating at Campbell Street, Penang for quite long now. From the name Sugar Honey, Piglets always thought that this is just a dessert house with everything honey and sweet, haha .. that is why it take us so long till we visit Sugar Honey. We were wrong by the way, Sugar Honey does serve other food, like spaghetti, burgers and etc !

On the day of our visit which is on 8 February 2015, there are actually a few promotion going on in Sugar Honey.

Firstly SNAPFIE studio is there for Sugar Honey customer to take photos for free but will have to pay if they would like to print out the photos. If not, the free photos can be view online at SNAPFIE facebook page.

Secondly, Sugar Honey is launching their new menu which is the Rainbow Latte ! Sound awesome right ? Well it is .. !

The taste of the coffee for us is actually very normal. It is not as good as those coffee from famous franchise coffee house out there but it is not bad either. The one thing special about this coffee is the drawing on the top of it. This is the first time piglets see coffee being drawn this way. Colorful and nice right ? While for the price, it is RM10.90 per cup.

The third promotion is, for every cup of Rainbow Latte that we bought, we are entitle for a chance of lucky draw.

Well just as a reminder that these promotions are valid on the day we piglets visited Sugar Honey, it may or may not be valid in the future, readers will have to check with the staff working there.

Games to play ...

Seating area outside Sugar Honey ...

And now for the food ! Hehehe .. The menu on the table is big in size but small in font .. it makes piglets eyes goes like this O.O'' ... hahaha ! but the good thing is they provide small magnifying glass for us to use, that help a lot ... haha !

Spaghetti With Chicken Meatballs RM17.90
* This spaghetti is tasty !!

Creamy Tomato Chicken RM15.90
* This come in a big portion, filling !!

Grandma Chick Burger RM16.90

Grandma Lamb Burger RM19.90

Mix Fruits Juice RM10.90

Sugar Honey does not have service charge or government tax ...

The food is good and the staff is really friendly too.

Food : 8/10
Environment : 8/10
Service : 9/10
Price : 6/10

26 Lebuh Campbell,
10100 Georgetown,


Business Hour
12pm – 12am
Closed on Tuesday

GPS Coordinates
5.417268, 100.335436

Posted Date : 13 February 2015
Posted Time : 12.13 am