Draw N Go @ Island Park, Penang

By : Chha

Now this is another stumble upon post, haha ! It was just like any ordinary night where piglets were out looking for food to eat. We were thinking, just go to some hawker stall and grab some simple food to eat, so we left our camera back home again. The good thing about hand phone now-a-days is, the build in camera is so useful at time like this .. haha ! We heard about Draw N Go Cafe from friends before, we saw people check in at Draw N Go Cafe but it never cross our mind to actually take the effort to go look for it until we accidentally 'stumble upon' it few days ago ... hahaha !

At first, we thought to ourself .. 'oh, new cafe !', but when we enter the cafe .. we realize it is the Draw N Go Cafe, later we were told by the owner that Draw N Go Cafe has been operating since 3 years ago .. ! so long leow ahh ? aiyo ... ! haha .. but regardless of that .. their food still taste good !

This menu is really uniquely done, the owner must have put in a lot of effort to make this menu, good job !!

Draw N Go Cafe will come up with different set menu which include + Soup + Fruits Juice for lunch and dinner. On the day we went there, we ordered the Spicy Pork Rib which cost us RM 36.90. It is worth it !

Spicy Pork Rib

The pork is tasty, we love the taste but it is a little bit spicy. The portion is big which is enough for two is you are a small eater.

Fruits Juice That Is In The Set Meal

This fruit juice taste normal and it tasted like it is not being juice from the juicer using those real fruits. It tasted more like being pour out from a bottle, well that is just what we piglets think .. maybe readers can try it out and let us know ? hehe ..

Mushroom Soup From The Set Meal

This soup taste nice but it is in a small portion.

Other than the set meal, you can order other ala carte food from the menu too, this round we order the Signature Mushroom Nachos RM18.90 !

One word, yummy !! it is crunchy and taste good, though a small portion of it is burned but it still taste good.

Now for rating :

Food : 8/10
Environment : 8/10
Service : 8/10 (but food serving is slow, maybe due to the lack of man power at Draw N Go)
Price : 6/10

Address :
32, Tingkat Tembaga,
George Town.

Contact :

Open From :
12.00pm - 3pm,
6pm - 11.30pm.
Close on every Monday

GPS Coordinates :
5.391211, 100.300735

Facebook :

Posted Date : 7 March 2015
Posted Time : 3.07 pm