Ikan Bawal Juru @ Warung Kelapa Sawit, Penang

By : Chha

This time there will be no fancy restaurant, no crazy wall painting or awesome creative menu to choose from. We will be going under the tree by the road side. Haha .. Maybe this is why it does not spark interest for us piglets to go try out this little stall here at Juru area. Some people call it the Warung Kelapa Sawit just because the stall is under the palm oil tree. Some people call it the Juru Ikan Bawal stall. Well what ever it is, this place is definitely famous for its Ikan Bawal, ehh .. we are not sure what Ikan Bawal is call in english .. but if you readers out there are looking for this stall, just tell the people there Ikan Bawal Juru Stall under Kelapa Sawit, people here will know how to direct you to the area, well provided that the person you ask know the place, hahaha !

We have heard of this place for many years, but it is only last week that we take the time out to try on the food. There is other type of dish serve there, so if you are not really into eating fish, then you can choose other type of dish there as well. For us, we are here for the Ikan Bawal, so we only attack the Ikan Bawal, hahaha !

The Fish (Ikan Bawal)

The Cucumber

The Curry

The Rice

With all this and some sauce. tadaaa ... here you go ! The all famous Ikan Bawal Juru, haha !

This Ikan Bawal is really tasty ...  a should try ! haha ...

Rating :
Environment : 3/10 ( Under Oil Palm Tree and its hot ! )
Food : 8/10 ( Especially the Ikan Bawal )
Price : 6/10 ( Not bad ! )

Address :
Warung Kelapa Sawit,
Jalan Tok Kangar,
14100 Simpang Ampat,
Pulau Pinang

Posted Date : 15 March 2015
Posted Time : 9.40 pm