A Smile Means More Than A Thousand Words

it is like breaking a lot of our piglets norm in writing this post .. no no no .. it should be, it is breaking a lot of piglets rules even by just thinking of writing this post .. haha .. we piglets never do this, which is to post our photos into this blog and letting the world see how piggy we really are, hahaha ! but with permission from the other piglets .. me .. as part of Piglet's Land owner is taking the first step out in doing this .. there is this nuffnang contest thing going on which offer its members to get correction for their teeth by using invisalign treatment. I was instantly O.O (piggy style .. haha !) when i saw nuffnang posting in their blog, but then being the typical piggy-me, i thought to myself .. nah, the winner will never be me .. but it is really hard for me to totally forget about the contest, i keep thinking and thinking about it, because the fact is .. i've been longing for a chance to correct my teeth since .. probably the day i first notice my teeth is crooked ? Then i thought to my self, whats-up right ? There is no harm on trying to write a post for a chance to a life(teeth)-changing experience, hahaha LoL ~. So here I am writing after consulting the other piglets in Piglet's Land. Though it was kinda discouraging at first to get negative responds with some saying that teeth correction are only meant for girls .. I was like 'WHAT ?! O.O' ( there goes my small eyes trying to be big again ). Don't guys deserve to have perfectly straight nice teeth ?? Despite all those dispute on the rules and norm of piglets in Piggy Land, our loving Piggy Land Family still gives me the green light to proceed writing. Yay !

So what is the most memorable story in which you managed to escape an embarrassing moment or crisis with a bright smile ? For me, i can't go on a day without smiling, well, unless there is no one for me to smile to of course .. haha ! I smile most of the time, when ever i see people .. may it be strangers or people i know because i feel that it is so rude to stares at people if they happen to look at me .. therefore i prefer to smile regardless if the other person smile back or not. There are several times i told my self to put a straight face and just stares if the other person looks at me, but i fail miserably ! I end up smiling .. haha ! Oh how much i wish i can put a big bright white smile. It never happen because of my crooked teeth. Often people tell me to smile when taking pictures which i did but what they want is the bright white teeth showing smile from me which i don't dare to do due to my crooked teeth.

There was this one time, where me and my friend attended an event. This event was actually organize by a language center for their students to go and meet more people and understand the culture of their country, at the same time to practice the language they learn in class, which is German Language. I have no idea how the language sound like nor am i a student of the language center, but i join the event because my friend invited me to. The whole day was basically a mess for me, i dont even understand a single word they say, but i just smile when ever someone looks at me. At the end of the day, the organizer went in front of the crowd to give a closing speech and out of a sudden he point at me and speak something in german. Everyone turns around to look at me. I almost faint and i cant even feel my heart beat, as if it ran out from my chest and jump out through the windows then got ran over by a car. So what i did ? i smile ... this time with my mouth wide open displaying a nice set of crooked teeth. Still i don't know what the organizer is saying. Some would walk towards me and say 'danke' while shaking my hand .. which i now know it means 'thanks' but for what ? I keep smiling and smiling while shaking hands and nodding my head as if i understand what they are saying until my friend and the organize walks up to me and explain that the organizer notice that i am new and have been smiling from the moment i enter the place, they would like to thank me for taking the time to attend their event and at the end of it, it was really nice to be able to see me smile with my mouth wide open ... i responded 'u mean like this ?!' -->

Posted Date : 24 March 2015
Posted Time : 04.12 pm