Soul Cafe @ Kek Chuan Road, Penang

By : Chha

So what does the item in the photo above looks like to you ? A photo album ? Well piglets would say that it is a MENU ! haha .. Yup, you heard us right .. it is a menu for Soul Cafe at Kek Chuan Road. Another nice cafe in this little old but revived road in Penang.

When we first walk in Soul Cafe, we were kinda confuse, is its a photography store or a cafe ? And what is Sogor ? Well let us tell you, haha ! The confuse piglets trying to un-confuse their readers, haha ! Soul Cafe is a cafe alright, pretty much serve the purpose of a cafe .. haha ! with nice food and nice environment but with photography theme.



From what piglets understand, these photos hanging on the wall will be change from time to time and photographers will be invited by Soul Cafe to contribute their photos taken to be display here in Soul Cafe.

And now how about Sogor ?? Sogor is a Girls only Dormitory (Sogor Girls Dormitory) located just on top of Soul Cafe. For more info about Sogor visit

12, Jalan Kek Chuan,
10400 Georgetown,

Phone Number:
04-226 8200
016-478 8598

Business Hour:
Mon to Sat 11am to 11pm (closed on Sunday)


Posted Date : 3 March 2015
Posted Time : 5.03 pm