Via Via @ Yogyakarta, Indonesia

By : Chha

Well we are about confuse on how to categorize this place, haha .. it is Via Via the Cafe ?? or Shop Or Guesthouse ?? anyway .. from what we see, it looks more like a cafe, so where will terms it as a cafe, haha .. if you need more info, you can visit their page Via Via is located at the same place as Warung Heru and Lawas 613 Cafe.

Via Via serve mostly Indonesian dishes with some other dish like pastas, salads, sandwich bar, steaks and  tapas with also daily changing menu. Via Via also have their daily special menu, which we think is awesome as their customers can try different food everyday. They also serve breakfast with food ranging from brown bread with cheese, a bowl of muesli with yogurt and fresh tropical fruits, jaffles and pancakes, also some freshly made juices and milkshakes.

Otak-Otak Tengiri
(grilled wrapped mackerel fish cake, served with rice, sambal and vegetables)
IDR 32 K

To us piglets, we feel that the food is average. The Otak-Otak Tengiri is just ok, the Otak-Otak is actually very different from what we at back in Malaysia, it is not spicy nor juicy. The sambal here is different as well, it tasted a bit sour and not spicy .. ! haha, typical Malaysian huh ? It is only spicy if it is burning hot at our tongue .. haha !

Via Via environment is nice, a nice place to dine in. There are some dimly lit place, which is kinda romantic we must say .. haha !

But if you are not into dining in dark area, haha .. there is other seating place ..

There is this are where they sell souvenir and there is also some seating place available.

Here are the items in the menu.

Rating :
Food : 5/10
Environment : 7/10
Service : 8/10

Address :
ViaVia Jogja, Jl. Prawirotaman 30,

Telephone :
+62 274 386557

Operating Hour :
Every day 7.30am - 11.00pm

Posted Date : 26 March 2015
Posted Time : 10.37 am