Nanta Show @ Myeongdong, South Korea

By : Chha

Cookin' Nanta Show is a show which involve alot of non-verbal comedy, music and cooking. If you like a comedy, musical and cooking performance with a little bit of romance, then Cookin' Nanta Show is definetly for you. There are a few nanta theater in South Korea :

MyeongDong NANTA Theater
Chungjeongno NANTA Theater
Jeju NANTA Theater

The one we went is the MyeongDong NANTA Theatre.

Getting There
  • Take subway to Myeongdong Station and Exit 6
  • Turn left and walk straight.
  • Walk straight until you reach the 5th junction then turn left.
  • Walk straight for about 50m.
  • Myeongdong NANTA Theater is on your left.
Myeongdong NANTA Theater is in the UNESCO building. There is signboard in front of the building but you will need to look very carefully because the sign is small.

Myeongdong NANTA Theater on Google Map

Operating Hour :

Mon~Fri, Sun & Holiday 17:00,20:00
Sat 14:00,17:00,20:00

Ticket Price :

Premium Class : KRW 70,000
VIP Class : KRW 60,000
S Class : KRW 50,000
A Class : KRW 40,000

The nanta show is really a MUST see show during visit to South Korea. We piglets were 'wow' by the show.  The actor and actress are professionally trained for this show. They use real knife, real cooking, real oil, real vegetable, real sauce, real fighting, everything is real .. even the kissing is real .. ops .. hahaha ! not often .. just once (^.^) haha ! No worry .. the show is SAFE FOR KIDS .. the comedy is funny and they interact a lot with audience .. the actor and actress will now and then pull audience up to the stage and at times they will even come down from the stage and it is all part of the acting which is awesome ..

We feel that it is a waste we were not allowed to take photo or video during the show. But we did manage to snap a photo of the stage.

They have different actor and actress for every show. So do check out their actor/actress board for who is the team performing on that particular time slot for the day.

We got the NAVY colour team. Their performance is awesome ! Well, we think the perfoamance of every team wont differ much as they are all profesionally trained for the show, so there is no worry of which team performance to see. Just go there and enjoy.

Team Navy

We really do ! haha ... !

Locker if you need to keep your things during the show

Entrance to the hall

For more information visit :

Visited : April 2015
Season : Spring

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Posted Date : 23 April 2015
Posted Time : 1.25 pm