Noodle Doodle @ New World Park, Penang

By : Chha

This small little bowl of noodles is invading Penang. One after another outlet is open like no one business, as for now, we piglets know if 3 outlets in Penang alone and we are sure there are more to some. So what is the fuzz about this small little bowl of noodles ?

Boat Noodle by Noodle Doodle is doing the concept of selling a bowl of noodle in just RM1.90 each, but it comes in a small portion. Customers can order as many bowl of noodles as their tummy and appetite allows them.

We saw this weekly record of 32 bowls of noodles when we were there.

This small bowl of noodle comes in 2 different type of flavor and in 2 different type of cooking. Which are :

Boat Noodle (Thai Style Pork Noodle)
- Soup
- Dry

Tomyum Noodle (Spicy And Sour Noodle)
- Soup
- Dry

There is still other type of side dishes if you wish to try on other food but for us piglets we were there for their small bowl noodle. We basically finish up the bowl of noodles in just one mouth full. haha ! That is why it takes us 12 bowls to feel full.

The taste of the food is nice, we piglets prefer the Boat Noodles over Tomyum Noodle. The drinks is tasty as well. So it is worth a try. Though it may sound cheap at the price of RM1.90 per bowl, but considering the size of the noodles it might actually turn out to be expensive as the size is really small.

Imagine if you eat 12 bowl * RM1.90 will equal to RM22.80 which does not include drinks yet .. haha !

Honey Lemon RM5.90
(Sweet And Sour Goodness)

Cha Yen RM5.90
(Secret Recipe Thai Tea)

Cocoa RM5.90
(Chocolate Delight)

Piglets Rating :
Food : 7/10
Price : 5/10
Environment : 8/10
Service : 8/10

Address :
New World Park,
Jalan Burma,

Business Hours :
(Closed on Monday)

Facebook :

Posted Date : 22 April 2015
Posted Time : 4.52 pm