Teteru Teddy Bear Museum @ Myeongdong, South Korea

By : Chha

Teddy bear is famous in South Korea, it seems to be representing love. There used to be a Teddy Bear Museum in N-Seoul Tower, now it is closed but yet they still use bear as their main attraction to represent love at N-Seoul Tower. We were kinda disappointed when we found out that the teddy bear museum in N-Seoul Tower were closed down. There is also a big teddy bear museum in Jeju Island but since we are not going over to Jeju Island, then we won't be able to visit the museum there. We have been looking, searching and finding .. haha ! for a possibility of finding any teddy bear museum around Seoul but where disappointed at first until the very last minute before our visit, we found Teteru Museum in Myeongdong and the best thing is .. it is still operating ! Awesome !

Teteru Museum in Myeongdong is not a very big museum, it is small but have cafe and souvenir shop all in the same building of 3 floors.

If you are a teddy bear fans, this is a place worth going, but if you are not, we would advice you not going because there is another bigger teddy bear museum in Jeju Island.

Getting There

So now, getting there is seriously tricky if you have not been to Myeongdong before. We try to look for map and even browse through the Teteru Museum Official Page, everything is in Korean. We actually went there unprepared without knowing how or where to find. But thanks to the helpful tourist information people (the red people we call them) who are walking around Myeongdong area, we are able to find the Teteru Museum.
  • Take subway to Myeongdong Station and Exit 6
  • Turn left and walk straight.
  • Walk straight until you reach the 3rd junction then turn left.
  • Once you turn left you will see a big teddy bear in front of you. As photo below.

Teteru Museum from Google Map

Operating Hour :

Open : 10.30am
Close : 10.00pm
Last Admission : 9.30pm

Ticket Price :

Free 1 cup of drink, available at the Teteru Safari Cafe in the same building as the Teteru Museum.

Free Drink At Teteru Safari Cafe

The moment when you enter the Teteru Museum, you are greeted by this two wedding bear.

Teteru Souvenir Store in Teteru Safari Cafe

Even the toilet sign is using teddy bear.

For more information visit :

Visited : April 2015
Season : Spring

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Posted Date : 24 April 2015
Posted Time : 4.30 pm


  1. Hi....nice posting. How big is the museum? Does the kid need to pay 6,000 won too? Thx

    1. Hi,
      thanks, the place is small actually, it take us around 30 minutes to slowly walk and take photos. We are not sure if kids need to pay the same amount or not coz we were all adult during our visit, but i check from their web, it is stated that only kids below 2 years old with evident document are entitle for free admission.

    2. Thank you for the information. Is that worthed to visif teteru? I am planning to visit this december with my kids n parent. Is it easy to walk up to the museum? And how about the size of the teddy bear? Many thanks

    3. u r welcome, erm, will u be going over to jeju island ? coz there is a huge teddy bear museum in jeju island, if ur not going to jeju but is really a big fan of teddy bear then it is ok to visit this teteru museum. most of the teddy bear display here are small in size and is placed behind glass case. there are only a few big size teddy bear here. u will need to walk up to 2nd (the museum) n 3rd (the cafe) floor by using stairs. the steps are not really big so it is not that hard to walk up.

    4. in terms of worth it or not .. well i think, if you happen to be in Myeongdong then its ok to stop by this museum, but if you have to purposely travel here then better not .. its just a small place ..

    5. We won't go to Jeju, and yes we'll stay near myeongdong. Of course if we go to Jeju, we prefer visiting the one in Jeju. I like teddy bear n my kids like it a lot. Just comparing the admin fee to enter teteru and the numbers of teddy bear that can be seen:D Thank you:)

    6. ic, ur welcome .. hope my info help u plan ur trip (^.^) .. we feel the same too, if we were to go to jeju island, we would prefer the teddy bear museum in jeju .. hehe ..

    7. Teteru Museum is no longer at the location. Just visited Myeongdong on 12 Apr 2016.

    8. oh, ic .. thanks alot for the information, i will update the blog accordingly ..


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