VS Cafe @ Pacific Megamall, Prai

By : Chha

Gst, gst, Gst, gst ! with all the fuzz over the implementation of Gst in Malaysia, we still need to eat ! haha .. but some cheap food is seriously preferred .. how about a RM4 meal for all ? A plate of food and a cup of drinks for only RM4 .. ! Cool right ? Well, VS Cafe at Pacific Megamall, Prai is able to provide that, hehe !

VS Cafe is located in Pacific Megamall but at the back part of it. To find this cafe, drive around Pacific Megamall and look for the entrance to the multilevel parking at Pacific Megamall, once found the entrance to the multilevel parking at Pacific Megamall which is on your right, drive straight a little bit more and you will see VS Cafe on the right as well. It is not hard to find but you will need to look really carefully so that you don't miss it .. haha !

So how does this cafe work ? First you will need to buy coupons for the meal. Where to get the coupon ? The workers there will tell you where. You can try to ask them. It is actually at a shop beside VS Cafe. Don't worry about wasting the coupon for not finishing it. The coupon is actually a RM4 coupon for 1 meal of food plus drinks. It is not the whole big book of coupon.

The food and drinks is consider as good for a price of RM4, we piglets would consider going back there for our meal. The food come in a medium portion, it might not be enough for big eater but its is just nice for us.

Piglets Rating :
Environment : 4/10
Price : 9/10
Food : 7/10

Posted Date : 22 April 2015
Posted Time : 12.13 am