Traditional Porridge Restaurant (Bonjuk) @ Myeongdong, South Korea

By : Chha

Korean Traditional Porridge Restaurant or more famously known as Bonjuk (본죽) is one of the few food that we think tourist should try during their visit in South Korea. There are a few different Bonjuk outlet in South Korea but we choose to dine in the one at Myeongdong.

Getting There

  • Take subway to Myeongdong Station.
  • Exit 8.
  • Turn left and walk straight until you reach the first junction.
  • Turn left.
  • Walk straight for few meters and you will see this Korean Traditional Porridge Restaurant on your left.

This Bonjuk restaurant is on the second floor.

The moment we open the menu, we were 'wow' by what we see, the different type of porridge they are serving. So far we have been to restaurant that serve chicken porridge or fish porridge or century-egg porridge .. but this Bonjuk restaurant is serving more than what we try before, haha !

Shrimp Porridge KRW 8000

Pumpkin Porridge KRW 8000

Hot Seafood and Vegetable Porridge KRW 9500

This bowl of porridge is spicy !

Crab Meat Porridge

Every set of porridge served is accompany by some side dish such as :



We have no idea what this is, haha !


It also come with a cup of plain water

All the porridge serve here are tasty and it is filling as well, as they come in big portion with big bowl. Enough for one person.

The environment in this Bonjuk restaurant is comfortable as well.

Piglets Rating :
Food : 9/10 (if you like porridge)
Environment : 8/10
Service : 8/10

Address :
65-2 Chungmuro 2(i)ga,
South Korea

Opening Hours:
10:00 am - 10:00pm

Website :

Visited : April 2015
Season : Spring

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Posted Date : 6 May 2015
Posted Time : 5.01 pm