Yam Rice @ Restoran Bukit Minyak, Bukit Minyak

By : Chha

Well we are not sure if stalls selling food inside a coffee shop is consider as hawker food or not, haha ! but we still categorize this as hawker food. Today, we would like to introduce a place for yam rice at Bukit Minyak, Penang area. This stall is located inside a coffee shop name as Restauran Bukit Minyak.

A plate of yam rice here cost RM6.00, which include the rice and a bowl of soup with pork meat in it. The soup taste good and it has enough sour taste to it. The rice is tasty as well, the strong yam flavor taste good.

GPS Location :
5.329300, 100.447171

Posted Date : 18 May 2015
Posted Time : 11.03 am