Carnival Fun Cafe @ Auto City, Penang

By : Chha

This place may look like a place for indoor games machine and those carnival like booth game but what many don't know about this place is they serve food too. Previously they were selling food which is more to Asian cuisine like rice with fish, fried noodles and friend rice but now they are selling Sizzling Plate Spaghetti ! You heard it right, it is Sizzling Plate Spaghetti, we never try this before .. so not sure if other place are selling the same thing or not, haha !

This place is call Carnival Fun Cafe and is located at Auto City, Penang. Carnival Fun Cafe is a huge place, you won't miss it when you are in Auto City, it is located just beside Maybank Auto City.

Cabonara Vegetarian With Spaghetti + Soup Of The Day RM 4.00

Cabonara Unagi With Spaghetti + Soup Of The Day RM 12.00

Soup Of The Day

The taste of the food is just normal but the portion is big enough for a minimum of RM 4.00 price per plate. We feel that it is worth for what we pay. Every order of sizzling plate spaghetti comes with a bowl of soup. The soup is lame, seriously lame, it is just like drinking water, haha !

If you order the sizzling spaghetti, you can add on a glass of Ice Lemon Tea for RM 3 and it is refillable.

Piglets Rating :
Food : 6/10
Environment : 7/10
Service : 7/10
Hygiene : 6/10
Price : 9/10

Posted Date : 11 June 2015
Posted Time : 11.00 am