Koo Boo Cafe : Nasi 7 Benua @ Bayan Lepas, Penang

By : Chha

Koo Boo Cafe, at first we thought that this is a new western food cafe opening in Penang but after really look into it, we were surprise that this Koo Boo Cafe is actually a malay food restaurant or something like a food stall which is located by the road side of Jalan Tun Dr Awang at Bayan Lepas. So another HALAL food to add to our list. Koo Boo Cafe may looks like any other ordinary restaurant serving rice with few yummy dishes like Curry Chicken, Fried Chicken, Fish, Egg and few other drinks but what make Koo Boo Cafe special is the 7 different type of rice with different colour serve on one single plate, they name it Nasi 7 Benua ! Wow, awesome right the name ?

It is simple, really ! To order, you just have to walk up to the rice counter next to the place where they place all the ready cook dishes. Tell the waiter your order, if you just want to eat nasi putih with some lauk, then just tell them, 'nasi putih satu' ! haha .. But we went for the Nasi 7 Benua, so our order basically goes like 'Bang, Nasi 7 Benua satu' .. haha, simple right ?

The Nasi 7 Benua is actually served with only the 7 type of rice on it and a vegetable by the side. The chicken and egg were later added by us. So it is always recommended that you add some other side dishes to the Nasi 7 Benua from the ready cooked dish or else you will only be eating 7 different type of rice which tasted almost the same. The reason why we feel that way is because the rice comes in a small portion like a size of a small 'chinese tea' cup, that is why the taste of the rice does not differ much from one another. The different is only very mild unless, maybe if they come in big size then it will have a lot of different in term of taste.

This Nasi 7 Benua is tasty. The chicken and egg that we took is tasty too, as a Malaysia, how can we say no to rice right ? hahaha ! It is worth trying ..

There are few types of drinks which is Free Of Charge if you dine in here at Koo Boo Cafe, one of it is this Teh O' Ice and Air Syrup. The waitress will tell which drinks is free when you order for drinks.

Finding Koo Boo Cafe is actually not hard but you will have to look carefully in order to find it. If you are driving from Bukit Jambul Shopping Mall then you will drive through the junction into Relau area which is opposite of sPICE Arena. Then you will come to the first traffic light, drive straight until the second traffic light and make a u-turn on the right. Drive for about 100 meters, then you will see Koo Boo Cafe on your left. It is directly in front of the Sungai Ara football field near to Seri Delima Flat housing area.

Piglets Rating :
Food : 7/10
Environment : 6/10
Service : N/A (Self-Service, except rice, they will put on the plate for you)
Hygiene : 6/10
Price : 7/10

Operating Hours :
Sunday Off
Monday to Saturday : 11 am - 11 pm

Facebook Page :

Posted Date : 15 June 2015
Posted Time : 10.45 pm