LaserOPS Laser Tag Arena @ First Avenue, Penang

By : Chha

We have heard of laser tag game for many many years now but it was only available in Kuala Lumpur. It was kinda disappointing for us because as a war game enthusiastic we are really itching or should we say 'dying' to try laser tag game. Ever since Paintball game become slowly cold off, we were not able to find any war or tactical game that people will actually play with us instead of worrying about getting pain and colours ! Well to us, no pain no game .. haha ! so to us, the more the pain the better .. haha ! That is probably why we call it as Painball instead of Paintball, haha ! Seriously, if there is any new, nice and awesome Painball arena up in Penang, do let us know ! we will definitely go try it out .. email us at or get in touch with us via facebook Pinky Piglet Land.

Ok ! so before we stray off further talking non-stop of our love for Painball, we were really excited when we get to know that LaserOPS is opening up an Indoor Laser Tag Arena in First Avenue Penang. We went crazzzzzyyy ! we make this a must play game of the year, haha ! We are not sure if LaserOPS is the first to set up a laser tag arena in Penang or not but we are sure there are still other laser tag arena in Penang, one in Gurney Plaza and another one soon to be open in Queensbay Mall. We definitely will go conquer all arena, haha ! Just like what we did for Break The Code and Painball game when they first hit Penang Island, constantly trying our new place and new game. Awesome ! Piglets got to do what Piglets got to do .. ! haha .. !

Opss, now back to our Laser Tag game again .. Ehem .. hopefully we don't stray off from topic again.

So, laser tag game is something like a shooting game but they call it as tagging game where you will be given a set of vest with colourful receiver and a phasor as a transmitter. You are required to wear the receiver and shoot with the phasor. If your receiver is hit by your opponent phasor then you are consider dead at the war zone. This game is fun and suitable for those who want to experience war game like painball but don't want to get dirty and pain.

The LaserOPS arena can accommodate up to 28 players per mission and players will be divided into two team which is the Red and the Green Team.

The game is relatively easy, every game there will be a mission that the players will have to acknowledge so that players know what mission to accomplish. In short, just go in and shoot shoot shoot to get points according to mission and the player or team with the highest points win !

Before every mission start the marshal will give briefing on the mission and most importantly the rules of laser tag game to keep you safe and the game fun. The marshal will also be teaching you on how to use the phasor and what type of mode there is available to use. So don't worry if you are a beginner, the marshal will help.

Ever player will have to at least register once before start playing so remember to put in your email address to receive your personal laser tag score after the game in your email.

The price for the LaserOPS Laser Tag Game is something like this :

For Off Peak
1 Mission

3 Mission

For Peak
1 Mission

3 Mission

Peak is for Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. Advance booking is required for events or if you would like to make a booking for the preferred time slot for the Laser Tag game. In order to do booking, you will need to either email them ( with the information below or phone them (04-2519092).

Your name and contact details (mobile number and email address)
Event date & time
Type of event
Group size (No. of Pax)
Age of players

We feel that the LaserOPS Laser Tag Game is awesome and is worth playing.

Piglets Rating :
Service : 9/10
Equipment : 9/10

Address :
First Avenue Mall 3-13
182 Jalan Magazine
10300 GeorgeTown
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Location :
First Avenue Mall, Level 03-13, right in front of the escalator.

Operating Hours :
10am to 10pm

Website :

Posted Date : 29 June 2015
Posted Time : 09.50 pm