Planet Popcorn @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

By : Chha

Probably a lot of you would have know what Planet Popcorn is and what it is all about by now. The first time we try Planet Popcorn was in Kuala Lumpur many years back, at the time, Penang don't even have Planet Popcorn yet. The one place we know of which is selling Planet Popcorn now is at Gurney Plaza Penang, the Planet Popcorn counter used to be filled with packets and buckets of popcorn back than, but now, just a few days ago, when we went there to buy, there were only a few left. Of course, you can tell that we like Planet Popcorn, that is why we keep going back for more, haha !

For those of you who are new to this, Planet Popcorn is selling popcorn which comes in few different un-common flavors, it is not your typical caramel popcorn, it's flavor range from Curry to Cheese and Charcoal flavor.

Honestly, not all flavors taste good on a popcorn. There are some from Planet Popcorn which is nice, some are not and some are just ok. For us, we would prefer the Sunny Cheesy and Noriweed flavor. If you are not sure of which flavor to buy, you can always try out the sample that is available at the counter. Try out a few before you make your decision on which flavor is suitable for you.

Sample For Testing

Address :
Unit Number B1-K8/K11
Gurney Plaza, Penang

Contact Number :

Website :

Opening Hours :
Monday - Sunday
10am to 10pm

Posted Date : 18 June 2015
Posted Time : 4.30 pm