The Cruises Steak House @ Aeon Mall, Bukit Mertajam

By : Chha

The Cruises Steak House never fail to make us wanting to come back for more of their food even thought this is just our second time visit but to different outlets of The Cruises Steak House. The first visit was to the one at Bishop Street and now the second one was at Aeon Bukit Mertajam. We know that there is another outlet at Ideal, The One, Jalan Mahsuri and was told that The Cruises Steak House management will be opening another new outlet in Alor Setar, well, good job !

Environment in The Cruises Steak House is nice, unlike the one in Bishop Street, this outlet does not have live singing performance but they do play some nice soothing music.

The staff there is very friendly and they provide good service starting from the moment you walk into their restaurant. There is this very friendly waitress outside who greet us and introduce us some of their food.

When we decided to have out dinner there, she usher us into the restaurant and another waitress take over by handing over the menu to us introducing their special set meal for the night. After we made up our mind on what to order, we just wave at the waiter and he directly walk over to us. Their food serving is fast too, even before we are able to finish taking photos of our self, all our food is already on the table, haha !

Garlic Cheese Escargot RM17.90

This little thing here, when we first look at it, it makes us go "ewww, gross !", we are not sure if it is chategorize as snail or there is other special name to this thing. It does give us a hard time puting this thing into our mouth but hey ! it is yummy ! Totally different from what we expect it to be, it is yummy ! We wish we could have more ... moreee !!!! hehe ..

Sizzling Spaghetti With Chicken RM25.90

(Chicken pieces cooked with the BBQ sauce, served with the fresh vegetables, spaghetti with the chef speciality sauce)

We like this, the portion is huge and tasty. Maybe because it is a hot plate, the egg put at the bottom of the spaghetti and chicken is a bit burned, but that is ok because overall it still taste good !

Home Made Mushroom Soup RM6.90

We love soup, we love soup, we love soup ! haha, it seems like most of the western food that we went to we will order soup, haha !

This soup actually taste normal, not bad but normal .. 

Hot Honey Lemon RM5.50

The drinks also normal ..

Ice cream not bad. We love the yam flavor ice cream .. it is free, so can try a lot of flavor as you like. Ice cream is only free on Saturday and Sunday.

Before we leave The Cruises Steak House, we were served with a cup of drinks, it is small and blue in colour, we have no idea what it is. It taste good. It tasted like there is lemon in it and some salty taste due to the salt on the cup. We were told by the staff that serve us the drink that this drink is free for us by The Cruises Steak House as a gesture of saying thank you for dining in The Cruises Steak House. Well, we would like to reply by saying, 'welcome and with they type of service and nice food, we are definitely coming back for more !!'

Piglets Rating :
Food : 8/10
Environment : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Hygiene : 9/10
Price : 6/10

Address :
G-03,AEON Bukit Mertajam,
Shopping Mall,
Jalan Rozhan,
14000 Bukit Mertajam.

Phone Number :


Business Hour :

Monday - Thursday
10.00 am - 10.00 pm

Friday - Saturday

10.00 am - 10.30 pm

Webpage :

Posted Date : 14 July 2015

Posted Time : 07.06 pm