70's Ice Ball @ Georgetown, Penang

By : Chha

It has been long since our last visit to Armenian Street, Georgetown. Last weekend we decided to go back there just to look at the wall painting again and we were surprise to see how much the small Armenian Street has changed, from a small street of few cafes and a wall painting of two sibling cycling to now a busy and famous but still a small Armenian Street, haha !

As we were walking along the street, we come across a shop which used to be closed on our last visit here but is now full with people lining up. Being busybody, we walk near to see what is the lining up for and were excited to see a stall selling the ice ball from our childhood years. We always thought that this ice ball were extinct, hahaha ! to see it still selling at Armenian Street gets us all hyped up and excited to buy one !

This ice ball thing does brings back memories of time where we used to run around our neighborhood without shoes and getting our shirt dirty with topping from the ice ball, haha ! We wish we could do that at Armenian Street on that day but if we do, then people might start dialing 999, crazy people on the loose, haha !

70'c Ice stall is selling this ice ball made from shaved ice with sour plum inside it. There are many flavors available on the menu and the best part is that we can choose to have two flavors at once, haha !

Back in our childhood days, the Rose flavor were the most famous so we decided to go with the Rose as our first choice ! haha .. !

The second flavor we choose Laici, ermm, no particulars reason for that, just a random choice, haha !

The ice ball cost us RM3.00, we were like WHAT ? It was only 5 cents back in the days, OPSss ! oh yah, those were back in the 70's, our mistake ! it is now 2015 ! hahaha .. (^.^)v

Having this ice ball on a hot sunny day is really awesome, all the young kids out there should give this a try, at least once ! The ice ball were literally the world best snack from the past .. those were the days !! haha .. !

Piglets Rating :
Food : 5/10 (It is just ice, plum and topping)
Environment : N/A
Service : 6/10
Hygiene : 8/10 (Road side stall standard)
Price : 5/10

Location :
Some where in the middle of Armenian Street Penang
Armenian Street is a short small street, you will find it easily
The stall is in front of a corner shop at a T-Junction
The shop is dark purple in colour with a wall painting at the side saying 'teach you speak hokkien', haha !

Posted Date : 15 July 2015
Posted Time : 05.54 pm