Restoran Mohamed Long @ Bertam, Penang

Good news to all our readers out there who is searching for HALAL chinese food, we found one for you ! haha .. Ever wonder how the chinese shark fin taste like ? or maybe how the famous chinese dim sum looks like ? Well, Restoran Mohamed Long at Bertam Perdana is serving various chinese muslim food.

Everything here is done in chinese style. The seating of 10 per table, the red cloth on the table, the dining utensil and even the food is exactly like what is found in a chinese restaurant, the only different is, the food here is HALAL.

 Restoran Mohamed Long is a two story building restaurant with more seating on the second floor.

The environment here in Restoran Mohamed Long is normal without any fancy decoration but it is comfortable to dine in.

They even have surau for our muslim friends to do their prayers but the surau is kinda small. We did not enter to see the surau but was told that only one to two people can enter at once. It is actually good to have a surau here in Restoran Mohamed Long so that their customer don't have to travel out from there to look for surau. It is convenient.

Date Palm

Ayam Lemon (Lemon Chicken) RM13.00

The Ayam Lemon tasted ok but just that we feel the lemon taste it a little bit sour.

Shark Fin Soup RM25.00

Now here come the all famous shark fin soup. The shark fin soup is serve in a big bowl which can be share by 4 peoples. For those who never try a chinese muslim shark fin soup before Restoran Mohamed Long is an option to try one.

Ayam Thai (Thai Chicken) RM13.00

The Ayam Thai dish is not very spicy and the taste of the thai sauce put on the chicken taste good. Do watch out for the small green chili, a bite on that will keep you mouth burning for hours, hahaha !


Ok, here come the tricky part. To differentiate between Nasi 'Koh Boh' Ayam RM6.00 and Nasi 'Kam Heong' Ayam RM6.00, haha, because they both looks the same !! For the taste, they both taste equally tasty, so it doesn't matter which one you eat, it is a-ok ! hehe .. !

Sotong Butter RM21.00

This thing here is huge ! you can actually become full by only eating this, haha ! It is cuttlefish cooked with butter and the yellow thing on top of it taste like egg yolk. The Sotong Butter taste good but the only down-fall about this is the flour is too much making the cuttlefish looks small in it, haha.

Claypot Yee Mee RM5.50

When we look at the Claypot Yee Mee, it does not make up feel anything special about it. We thought, nah .. it is just yee mee, some vegetables, meat and prawn but it is a totally different story when we put it in our mouth, haha ! the Claypot Yee Mee is tasty. The yee mee they use is different from what we can find in chinese restaurant out there and the size of that claypot is a deception as well, it look small but the yee mee inside it seems un-finish-able , haha ! Eat till our tummy going to explode. The one thing bad about this Claypot Yee Mee is, salty. Cut down some salt, then it is perfect !

RML Special Dim Sum (5pcs : RM3.00 / 10pcs : RM5.00)

The green thing and that yellow thing is what they call Dim Sum, one of those famous chinese cuisine serve with hot chinese tea, yummy ! The Dim Sum comes in two flavor, the one we ate are made of prawn and the other one taste like fish. They both taste good.

Carrot Milk RM3.50

Cincau RM2.00

Watermelon RM3.50

Orange RM3.50

The drinks here is a bit mild, we mean the taste of the fruits use in it does not give a strong taste probably the water ratio is more in the drinks. Overall, it is still good. Still can accept the drinks.

Now the most important question, how to get there ? haha ! it is easy, you won't even get lost. If you are going over using the high way driving from south to north, then exit Bertam / Kepala Batas PLUS tol. After the tol turn left at the first traffic light then drive straight until the second traffic light then turn right. There you will see a bank and the Secret Recipe Restaurant on you left. Make a U-Turn on you left on the first junction. After you make the U-Turn, the Secret Recipe Restaurant is now on your right, keep drive straight and make a slight turn right following the road. While driving you will see the main road on your left and McDonalds on your right. Turn right in front of Fareeda Shop and you will see Restoran Mohamed Long on your left. The Restoran Mohamed Long is in the same row of shops as Fareeda Shop.

Piglets Rating :
Food : 7/10
Environment : 6/10
Service : 8/10
Hygiene : 7/10
Price : 6/10

Address :
No 7 Jalan Dagangan 9,
Pusat Bandar Bertam Perdana
Kepala Batas, Penang

GPS Coordinate :
5.517325, 100.450641

Operating Hour :
Saturday - Thursday : 11.30am - 11.00pm
Rest Hour : 3.00pm - 5.00pm
Close : Friday

Phone :

Posted Date : 06 July 2015
Posted Time : 09.00 pm