Eco Life : Rengit Excelsa Coffee @ Bukit Mertajam, Penang

By : Chha

First and foremost, i would like to thank Mr Leow from Eco Life shop for inviting me over to Eco Life. It was really nice to be able to learn about how can we make our own great cup of coffee at home. So if you are a coffee enthusiast, then this will be really handy for you. Eco Life shop is not a coffee house but instead it is a retail shop selling local coffee beans and some simple to use equipment for you to brew your own great cup of coffee at home and have fun doing it.

The good thing about brewing your own cup of coffee at home is that you have the ability to brew the type of coffee which is most suitable to your own taste. Isn't it great to be able to have a cup of self brew coffee at the comfort of your own home by using our own country local grown coffee beans ?

The coffee bean available here in Eco Life is from Rengit, a town in the Batu Pahat District of Johor and because of the bean size which is slightly bigger it is name as the Elephant Coffee Bean or also known as Excelsa Coffee Bean.

It is recommended from Eco Life to drink the Rengit Pure coffee. The different between a Pure Coffee, a Traditional Coffee and a Local White Coffee are from the content of what it is made out from. For Pure Coffee it is 100% coffee beans while Traditional Coffee is a mixture of coffee bean + caramelized sugar + etc and the Local White Coffee are made of coffee bean + margarine + salt + sugar. You can enjoy the rich and strong fragrant aroma and taste after expertly roasted by experienced roasters to unlock its deeply hidden natural aroma and unique flavor of a Pure Coffee. With that said, Pure Coffee is a better choice for health conscious drinkers, especially for the diabetics, because it is absolutely no sugar added. You can fully control the amount of sugar you wish to add into your coffee, depending on your preference.

Rengit Elephant Bean is renowned for their fascinating bean appearance, sweet aroma, light acidity, fair body, and fruity citrus blossom taste. The mingling of sweetness and bitterness of its aftertaste does taste good.

Rengit Excelsa Elephant Coffee Bean (Powder) RM38.00

This pack of Rengit Excelsa Elephant Coffee Bean is in the form of powder. It weight at 500 gram of coffee powder and to brew a cup of coffee normally it takes about 10 gram of coffee powder. This makes a pack of Rengit coffee powder could brew up to 50 cups of premium coffee. The grade of a single “A”  Rengit Elephant beans is selling at a price of RM38.00 per pack. Lets do some simple calculation here, if RM38.00 is to be divided by 50 cups, this makes a cup of great premium coffee at home is only RM0.80 per cup. RM0.80 for a cup of nice coffee ? Who won’t want that ! I am definitely up for that, hahaha !

There is actually many ways you can brew your own coffee, one single blog post won't be enough for me to show and explain all, so don't worry if you are not a professional barista, just come over to Eco Life shop if you are interested in the idea of brewing your own great cup of coffee at home by using this Rengit Excelsa Coffee Bean at an affordable price and they will show you how to do it. They might even let you try some of the coffee for free if you are buying. So, let me the 'barista' .. ehem, ehem .. show you some of the tricks i learned at Eco Life on making a good coffee, hahaha ! (^.^)v. By using the Vietnamese Drip method, put in the Rengit Excelsa Elephant Coffee Powder.

Vietnamese Coffee Drip RM19.00

Close the coffee powder up with the inner cover.

Pour hot water into it ....

Then wait for the magic to happen .. hahaha ! Which is, wait for it to drip of course .. ! haha .. it won't take long, coffee will be ready in no time !

You may add some sugar or fresh milk to it depending on what you like, there is no real specification to what you must do. If you like it black, then a cup of Long Black for you.

The Vietnamese Drip Coffee is just one out of many ways to make coffee. If you would like to have a cup of Latte then you can use the milk frother to prepare the steamed milk.

Milk Frother RM68.00

The Moka Pot to prepare the coffee.

Moka Pot RM50.00

And ta-da ! A cup of Latte, done !

Apart from these, Eco Life shop also have Rengit Excelsa Elephant Coffee Bean that comes in bean form, just in case you would like to be more creative in exploring and experimenting more on coffee.

This Double "AA" Rengit coffee is selling at a higher price compare to the Single "A" type which is at RM46.00 per pack, because the beans are selected as those with perfect appearance and with the biggest size of elephant coffee bean, of course the aroma and taste is better too.

Both Single "A" and Double "AA" type of Rengit Coffee is available in both powder and beans form.

Rengit Excelsa Elephant Coffee Bean (Bean) RM46.00

To grind the coffee bean into powder, you can use the Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder. It allows you to choose the grind size so that you can control the size of your coffee powder which gives you different taste and also different thickness of coffee.

Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder RM78.00

But if you are like me, the 'not-too-hard-working' to grind the coffee, haha ! then maybe you can use the automatic coffee maker which gives you a 12 bar of pressure which makes the coffee even more aromatic and tasty.

Automatic Coffee Machine RM4100.00

I personally love this cup of coffee made from the Rengit Excelsa Elephant Coffee Bean by using the automatic coffee machine. The smell is good, it taste bitter (well, its coffee anyway, haha !) with a light sour end and the texture of the coffee is nice.

The quality of a good coffee is a combination of 70% from the quality of the beans while the 30% is depending on how you make the coffee, so you don't have to be a good or experience barista to be able to brew a cup of good coffee, you just have to get the Rengit Excelsa Elephant Coffee Bean and some simple equipment from Eco Life shop, you will be enjoying good coffee comfortably at home. Furthermore, the Rengit Coffee is certified HALAL.

I definitely had a great time learning about coffee and ways of brewing them, you can come over to experience it yourself at Eco Life shop.

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Posted Date : 26 August 2015

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