Pinky Piglet Land Updates [August 2015]

By : Chha

Well there are a lot of things about this blog Pinky Piglet Land that many of you might not know. Whether any of you realize that this blog does not belongs to only one owner or not it is all written in the About Page in this blog. Me as one of the co-owner of Pinky Piglet Land is not going to talk about the history of how this blog used to be as you can read it in the About Page, instead I am here to give you a glimpse of the future on how Pinky Piglet Land will be. Being part of Piglet The Hunter in Pinky Piglet Land is fun. Years of traveling and hunting for food as a team was truly awesome.

At times, it was not really about the post for the blog, it was more about two friends having fun while enjoying doing the things we love in hunting for food and traveling places together. Though the years accumulated seems short but it was an unforgettable experience in the journey as Piglet The Hunter. The hours of driving for a single meal, the race to get to places new and the search for the most hip and happening events in town and across the country has made this team up awesome.

Though it is sad to say that Pinky Piglet Land will not be the same anymore as the other Piglet is leaving the team in pursuing a different path away from Pinky Piglet Land and me as many of you may know me by my post name as Chha is given the responsibility to take over Pinky Piglet Land entirely though I feel reluctant at first. Well, anyway, here I am writing this first post as the sole owner of Pinky Piglet Land for the very first time.

Pinky Piglet Land blog will remain operational and you can still visit this blog for updates and review on the latest food hunt, traveling tips and entertainment. There might be some revamp on the page as we go along. Thank you all for the continuous support on Pinky Piglet Land, I will be writing my next post really soon and wish you all can visit this blog to view it and leave a comment or two, will reply to comment and message as soon as possible. Don't forget to LIKE Pinky Piglet Land's Facebook Page and Follow me on Instagram to get updates on my latest hunt.

Posted Date : 10 August 2015
Posted Time : 10.50 pm