Upside Down Museum (颠倒博物馆) @ Kimberley Street, Penang

By : Chha

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Have you been working out really hard to build that arm muscle of yours so that you can do a perfect hand stand ? Like this ... ?

Surprise ! haha .. I manage to do it in minutes, hahaha ! What you are about to see next are no camera trick .. don't worry, you can stop fixing your phone or computer now, there is no problem with your phone or computer, it is working perfectly fine ...

Yes, everything you are about to see is Upside Down, haha ! There is this newly open museum in Kimberley Street, Penang and everything inside it is Upside Down or Terbalik as in Bahasa Malaysia.

Upside Down Museum (颠倒博物馆), started operation just a week ago on the 8th of August 2015 is one of its kind in Penang. Since its opening in Kimberley Street, Penang, the Upside Down Museum (颠倒博物馆) is full with people visiting it.

Everything inside Upside Down Museum (颠倒博物馆) is well organize even though everything is hanging upside down, haha ! At time it kinda confuse me on how to take photos of the upside down things inside this museum. The staff working there will be able to help explain on the best angle and post for a nice photo shoot, so just ask the staff working there.

Inside the Upside Down Museum (颠倒博物馆) it is like a house, where you can find the hall, the fire place ..

The kitchen .. with food hanging upside down inside the fridge ..

The bedroom ... and many more ...

Apart from the upside down house, at the back of the museum there is a old looking coffee shop, like those you can find in Penang.

On the second floor of this museum, you can see something like the street of Penang but it is in an old town setting.

With shop lots and sign board, exactly like the street in Penang but with everything upside down, haha !

The last part of the museum is the video section. Where there are a few tricks that you can do with you video. It is something like, You do some normal things while taking video but when u play back the video the result is different. It is kinda hard to explain it here, the staff working there will explain to you how it works and what to do, no worry .. haha !

Oh, by the way, before you enter the museum, you will need to take off your shoes and keep it inside the locker provided to keep the museum clean.

Upside Down Museum (颠倒博物馆), is interesting. Can take some funny photos and have fun doing it.

Tickets Fee :
International Tourist :
Adult - RM27.00
Children - RM16.00
Student with student ID -  RM16.00

Malaysian :
Adult (With MyKad) - RM16.00
Children (5 - 12 Years Old) - RM8.00
Student (With Student ID) - RM11.00

Operating Hour :
Monday - Friday
8:45am - 6:30pm (Last Admission : 5.30pm)

Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday

8:45am - 7:30pm (Last Admission : 6.30pm)

Address :
颠倒博物馆 Upside Down Museum
45, Lebuh Kimberly, 10100, Penang.

Phone Number :
04 – 2642660

Facebook :

Posted Date : 17 August 2015
Posted Time : 04.32 pm

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