Delta Eco Night Run 2015 @ Youth Park, Penang

By : Chha

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Delta is back with another Night Run Event. It was said to be the most happening night-running event in Penang, haha, that is why i join in the run. Delta aim to raise fund for environmental project and now Delta are marking the fourth years for organizing this Night Run.

Well, that is me of course, haha ! Reach there early for some photo session warming up before the sky turn dark, haha ! All participants receive a limited edition medal and T-Shirt. Those who finish the run is also entitled for lucky draws and also is given eggs, bread and water. I don't understand why does the eggs come into picture, hahahaha !

Before the race, we were also given the light band and also a waistband to be used during our run. The light band does look nice when everyone is wearing it at night during the run, it feels like as if there are thousand of fireflies all around, hahaha !

Yes, that is my hand, doesn't it look cute ?? hahahaha ! Now that sound really weird and that hair band, is not mine .. it was given to everyone at the starting line and we need to collect all three to be consider as completed the race.

The start point also the end point for the run at Youth Park, Penang

There are few categories available :
A. Aged Below 34 - Men Open
B. Aged 35~44 - Men Junior Veteran
C. Aged 45 & Above - Men Senior Veteran
D. Aged Below 34 - Women Open
E. Aged 35 & above - Women Veteran 
F. Fun Run (3.5km)

Run Distance Covered

Run Route Covered

Other than running, Delta also organize the Best Eco Costume competition where participants use recycle items to create attire to be wear during the event and they also have Zumba dance before the race.

Posted Date : 16 September 2015
Posted Time : 12.09 am