Happy Tummy Penang - Great Food Finder

By : Chha

Ever face the problem of being hungry already but have no idea of where to go eat ? or maybe, there is this one restaurant or cafe that you wish to visit but don't know where to look for it, just because you saw it once on facebook ? well, even i face that problems sometimes.

I would like to introduce you the Happy Tummy Penang page. It is like a food directory to me, haha ! You can search for restaurant, cafe and bars around Penang by using this page.

Image Source : http://happytummypenang.com

What is Happy Tummy Penang ?

Happy Tummy Penang is Your Great Food Finder, it is a website dedicated to bringing together diners to various restaurants, cafes and bars around Penang. Users can browse through different kinds of food and beverage establishments to figure out where they will dine. Soon, users will also be able to make personal ratings and comments to each listed restaurant. (Source)

So do visit Happy Tummy Penang and start browsing for fooooooood, haha ! by using the directory page from Happy Tummy Penang.

Happy Tummy Page : http://happytummypenang.com

Posted Date : 10 September 2015
Posted Time : 02.41 pm