Babenhausen @ Germany

By : Chha

It has been a while since i last wrote here. No update in blog with less posting in facebook and instagram too. I am not sure how many of you here are actually waiting like 'where on earth this dude went missing to ?' haha .. ! Anyway, November is coming to an end soon and i am really excited for December to come, why won't i right ? December is the month to party !! haha .. Ok, well to cut things short, I was in Europe last month and now after series of jet lag, i finally manage to reassemble up all the scrap mood into blogging again.

To kick start the post for this month, i would love to bring you to this little town, Babenhausen ! It is a town in the Darmstadt-Dieburg district, in Hesse, Germany.

Why Babenhausen you may ask, well no specific reason really. Babenhausen is situated on the river of Gersprenz which is 25 km southeast of Frankfurt and 14 km west of Aschaffenburg.

Getting There :

Getting to Babenhausen is relatively easy. You can either :
  • Take a flight to Frankfurt Airport and then take a Taxi to Babenhausen, but this will cost you a boom !! Considering the currency exchange between RM and Euro.
  • Else you can travel by train. From Frankfurt Airport get to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof by taking the Regionalbahnhof train line. Then make a transit to Babenhausen Train Station via a single change at Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof. The journey will take around 1 hour and 30 minutes, provided that you take the first train at every transit without miss, well that is what i did. Cost 8.10 Euro (Frankfurt Hbf - Babenhausen)

Babenhausen Train Station

Babenhausen is a nice town, i personally love it here and won't mind staying longer, haha ! I get this feeling of peace the moment i step foot out of the train. The people here are really friendly and nice as well. The environment is clean and the air is definitely much fresher than those big city.

The temperature was only 18'c at the time of my visit and would drop down to around 8'c at night. A thicker cloths will be good if you plan to visit here at this time of year, especially for us Malaysians who are used to the hot and humid weather of Malaysia. Leafs are changing colour and begin to fall as it is Autumn in preparation to welcome Winter to Babenhausen.

There is really nothing much to do in Babenhausen, furthermore it is not even a tourist attraction area but the weird thing is, there is a tourist information center in Babenhausen Town, which is kinda something good and amazing for me because months before i step foot in Babenhausen, i have been searching online, talking in forum and even spend hours looking in the library to look for information about Babenhausen which end up with nothing .. absolute nothing ! I eventually decided to just 'bang my head and go' with it ! haha .. well that's the thrill of backpacking right ? Where is the fun if you know everything ... haha ! Luckily, by the time i am there, i get the chance to have friend who is already there before me .. at least i don't have to bleed my head banging this time .. save it for another day .. haha ! Well, that is probably the main reason why i blog about Babenhausen so that at least in future if there is anyone who wish to visit Babenhausen will at least has a heads-up about how this town is.

Babenhausen is a quiet town with not much activity going on. Life here are more laid back and calm. Most of the shops here close at around 5 to 6pm and only a few restaurants are open at night.

The town is basically empty during weekends with only a few shops and restaurant open but only at a certain time of day.

The one thing that amaze me is, even in a small town like Babenhausen, there is a beer factory !

Beer here is definitely cheap, much cheaper than carbonated drinks .. haha ! Which is the direct opposite for our country right ?

Babenhausen is really a nice place for me and if you enjoy the quiet and slow life of Babenhausen then it is definitely worth a trip here just to hide away from the busy life of the city.

Visited : October 2015
Season : Late Autumn

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Posted Date : 27 November 2015
Posted Time : 9.51 pm