Rudesheim @ Germany

By : Chha

I've always enjoy visiting a vineyard for a certain weird reason of not knowing why, haha ! If any of you have been to the Tasik Beris Vineyard then you will know why that is already considered as an awesome place for me, been there once and feel like going back again .. Well in Germany, i visited Rudesheim and hell yeah .. i feel like bringing the whole vineyard home, hahaha ! LoL ~

It has been a moment of wow ~ wow ~ wow for me the time i arrived at Rudesheim. Everything is just so green .. and a little yellow .. haha !

Getting There :

Rudesheim can be reach by using train. Since we are staying in Babenhausen, it is easier for us to take train to Rudesheim. The journey total up to around 2 hours with a change at Wiesbaden Hbf.

Rudesheim is a more lively town with a lot of shops and restaurant along the way leading to the vineyard. Because of its huge vineyard, Rudesheim is considered as a winemaking town in the Rhine Gorge and thereby part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It lies in the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis district in the Regierungsbezirk of Darmstadt in Hesse, Germany. It is officially known as Rudesheim am Rhein of which to avoid the confusion between Rudesheim an der Nahe.

Being there at a perfect timing where grapes are being harvest and fermented to make wine, there are a lot of Federweisser (Federweißer) wine available here in Rudesheim.

There are two type of wine here, the Federweisser is the white one which is made from white grapes, when it is made from red grapes, the drink is called Federroter. Federroter is less common than Federweisser. Because of rapid fermentation, Federweisser can not be stored for long and should be consumed within a few days of purchase. We tried both white and red, which is apparently more rare. The white was kind of sour. I personally prefer the red one.

Frischer Federweisser | 1 Euro

The area of the vineyard is actually a up hill place, you can either walk through the vineyard to reach the Niederwald landscape park or you can take the cable car.

Cable Car Lower Station

Cable Car At Rudesheim

Cable Car Ticket Price :

Round Trip
Adult : 7 Euro
Kids  : 3.50 Euro

Single Trip
Adult : 5 Euro
Kids  : 2.50 Euro

On top of the hill which is the other end of the cable car station, that is the place where the Niederwalddenkmal monument is located. It overlooks the valley of the Rhine.

Niederwalddenkmal Monument

Niederwalddenkmal Monument and Me, haha ! like obviously .. haha !

On top of the hill, the view is really nice, we spend some time walking through the area while enjoying the nice view of Rudesheim Town.

As we were walking up the hill, through the woods and walk back to complete circle, we come across a few landmark, like the tower of Rossel and a few more.

When were we on our way back to the train station to catch a train back to hotel, i saw this big music box thing, well, i am not sure what this is actually call but i call it the movie music box, haha !

I like it, the man is winding the metal thing at the back and the music play, nice !! haha .. ! It is exactly like the small music box .. (^.^)v

Visited : October 2015
Season : Late Autumn

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Posted Date : 03 December 2015
Posted Time : 7.21 pm