Seligenstadt @ Germany

By : Chha

It was actually a lazy Sunday for me at Babenhausen on that day of travel. I was so lazy and don't even feels like moving, haha ! Well, I eventually manage to pull my lazy butt up and went for a heavy breakfast with hope that it will last through lunch and dinner, haha ! but no, i was wrong .. i was already starving even before dinner, haha ! This particular Sunday was awesome, with nice weather and sunshine, it would have been a waste if i just worm up in my hotel room, so we decided to cycle to Seligenstadt for an ice cream of which we regrets doing so and ended up taking the train back, haha !

It was around 11km of cycling for us with around 60% of uphill cycling and it got us really really tired. I was cursing all the way to Seligenstadt thinking how stupid i am even to think of cycling there instead of taking the train which takes us only 15 to 20 minutes while cycling takes us around 1 hour. Oh well, once we start paddling, there is no turning back ! haha .. !

Basically, we have no idea what we can do there in Seligenstadt but because we were told by a friend that there is a nice ice cream shop there, we went straight for it.

Seligenstadt is yet another small town in Germany located in the Offenbach district in the Regierungsbezirk of Darmstadt. Seligenstadt is one of Germany’s oldest towns and was already of great importance in Carolingian times.

The scenery is nice there, especially by the river with swan and mallard duck swimming around, hehe ! There is also boat as transportation for vehicle to cross the river.

The Einhard-Basilika is just situated by the river.

A brief walk around the Einhard-Basilika, we came across the lovely garden behind the Einhard-Basilika.

There is also a children playground at the side.

And a small sheep farm.

We later then cycle deeper into the town of Seligenstadt and come to an area looking like a square with shops around it. We are not sure is this area always this busy with a lot of people walking around because during our visit, there are car show event going one, so the place is pack with people.

This square is a nice place to find some food and there is a stall outside selling sausage too.

Seligenstadt is not really a big town, it takes us around 3 hours to cycle from Babenhausen to Seligenstadt then sit down for a cone of ice cream, walk around taking photos after that and back to Babenhausen again by train.
Visited : October 2015
Season : Late Autumn

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Posted Date : 03 December 2015
Posted Time : 10.48 pm