Asian Cultural Village @ Dannok, Thailand

By : Chha

I don't really know what is the actual name for this place because there are a few place with almost the same name, some are new and some are old, ok anyway, lets not confuse ourselves any further, Lets just call this the Asian Cultural Village of Dannok, haha, well that is what was told to me. If you have been to I-City, Shah Alam then you would probably know how this Asian Cultural Village is. It looks something like I-City with beautiful and colourful lighting.

Just a few minutes drive away from the Malaysia - Thailand border, this Asian Cultural Village is getting a lot of attention from tourist every where especially those from Malaysia and China.

This place is divided into a few sections. Each section having different themes and design. For example like The Animal World, The Panda, The Dinosaur Park and a lot more.

My personal favorite it the Panda area, haha ! So many panda, so many so many panda ! omg !

There is also the Love Lock area here, but since it is still new, there are not many locks available yet. To those love birds out there, if you want to be the first few to put up a lock here, now is the chance, haha ! Well, as for me, i am only here for photos, haha !

The cowboy town looks awesome as well ..

The 18 Lohan area, i love the colourful dragon ..

Basically, this area here is more for photography, there is not much physical activities that can be done and i didn't notice any place for food as well, so i come here to take photos only ... but it is nice there though.

Asian Cultural Village is a huge area but we where not allow to drive our car into the Asian Cultural Village area, we have to park our car outside and walk in. It takes us around 2 to 3 hours of slow walk and taking photos.

Well, since Asian Cultural Village in Dannok is near to Malaysia - Thailand border, it is worth a visit plus, going over here is considered as going overseas also you know ? hahaha ! If you are worried about getting lost or not being able to find Asian Cultural Village, you can always hire a tour guide and leave all the thinking and finding the place to the tour guide, it would be easier that way.

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Visited : January 2016

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Posted Date : 17 January 2016
Posted Time : 9.25 am