Tanjung Aru Beach @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

By : Chha

It was a long and hectic day for us that day when we visited Tanjung Aru Beach, so we decided to slow things down alittle, go to the beach and enjoy the sunset.

The Tanjung Aru Beach is not on an remote island or something. There are quite a number of people who visit here for both tourist and locals. It is located at one of the sea side of Kota Kinabalu and it is not hard to find too. From my observation, most of the people are here to spend some nice and slow quality time with family, to enjoy the nice scenery during sunset and also the clean beach.

There are stalls selling food as well at one far end corner of which i did not try because we were not that hungry for food that time, we were more hungry for the nice sunset, hahaha ! So we basically just fill up our cameras with photos and photos .. crazy photos of ourselves and the beautiful sunset.

Tanjung Aru Beach's sunset is one of those nice view to die for, haha .. its really nice to be able to spend some quality time with family or friends here.

Address :
Pantai Tanjung Aru,
88100 Kota Kinabalu,

GPS Coordinate :
5.947237, 116.045927

Map :

Visited : March 2016

Posted Date : 8 April 2016
Posted Time : 1.00 pm