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By : Chha

The night before, we manage to get ourselves a half-day trip tour from Lucky House Hotel which only cost 170000 ₫ including lunch, bus ride to point of interest, boat ride back and a bottle of drinking water. So we had to wake up early and wait for the bus in front of Lucky House Hotel. While waiting, i only manage to grab a few bites of biscuits that i bought yesterday night as breakfast, haha !

The bus condition is good, not a big bus but is good enough for a short half-day trip tour. We were welcome by an English speaking tour guide. Along the way our tour guide brief us on the history of My Son Ruins and our tour itinerary for the day. Our first stop for today is the My Son Ruins or also known as the My Son Sanctuary. Entrance fee is 150000 ₫ per person. The tour guide collect the money from us and help up to buy the tickets.

Once there we will have to walk through the entrance to the electric car station to take the shuttle to My Son Site, you can walk too, if you feel like continue walking to the My Son Site which is only another 2km walk away from this station. I didn't so i took the shuttle, haha !

From the first shuttle station we arrived at another station, then we have to walk for another, like approximately 1km distance to the actual My Son Ruins Site.

My Son is a abandoned and partially ruined Hindu temples constructed between the 4th and the 14th century by the kings of Champa. The temples are dedicated to the worship of the god Shiva, known under various local names, the most important of which is "Bhadresvara".

My Son is located near the village of Duy Phu which is around 69 km southwest of DaNang. The temples are in a valley roughly two kilometres wide that is surrounded by two mountain ranges. (Source).

My Son used to have around 70 temples, now is only left 20 temples but there are only a few which are open to public. The temple were majority destroyed by US carpet bombing during a single week of the Vietnam War back in around year 1969.

In year 1999, My Son has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Inside the temple, you can see artifacts like this. After the few hours long visit at My Son Sanctuary. We head directly for our boat ride which is via the Thu Bon River. On the boat is also where we had our lunch.

7Up Can Drinks 20000 ₫

I don't know about others but i love the rice serve on boat, haha ! It is just a very simple meal with one type of vegetable and rice, but i love it a lot ! Any drinks on the boat will have to pay, i took a bottle of 7Up and it cost me 20000 ₫.

Nothing special about the boat trip actually, some might consider it as a waste of time as the boat is moving slowly with no nice scenery to look at. For me, i just enjoy the nice strong wind blowing as the boat moves. Half way through the boat trip we stop for handmade souvenirs. Nothing special about the handmade souvenirs actually, you can easily find most of the items here all over Vietnam, haha !

After visiting those souvenirs shop, we continue our boat trip.

The boat come to a stop at Hoi An Ancient town and this mark the end of our half-day trip at about 4.00pm. From the Thu Bon River, we walk back to our hotel through Hoi An Ancient town which is about 1.2km. On our way walking back to hotel, we stop at few place in Hoi An Ancient town to take photo and to see the evening scene of the Hoi An Ancient Town as we were here at night yesterday.

It is actually pretty much the same at Hoi An Ancient town for both evening and night, the only different is the lantern are not light up in the evening, hahaha ! We went back to rest at hotel after that and come back out to look for dinner at Hoi An Ancient town again !

Noodles (Hu Tieu) 20000 ₫

I like this noodles. It seems like i am loving every food that i eat here, haha ! it is just a simple bowl of hot soup noodles but it taste good, haha ! Probably too hungry ?

Before we left hotel to go on search for dinner, we did ask the reception at the hotel what are the local food here that we should try. Their recommendation Cao Lau and White Rose, these are Hoi An special local food that you should look for.

Cao Lau Noodle 30000 ₫

I dont really like the taste of Cao Lau Noodle, the noodle taste different too, but hey, Cao Lau is Hoi An special local food, though it may not be suitable for my taste but at least i tried ! haha .. ! You can try it if you want, maybe you might love it, who knows right ? haha ! We cant find White Rose, so will keep that for another day. Along the way, we tried many other different food.

Mango Cake 5000 ₫

Mango Cake is just average, don't really like the flour at the outer layer.

Kem Ong (Ice Cream) Coconut Flavor 10000 ₫

Coconut Ice Cream taste good, the coconut taste is thick and at this hot weather, an ice cream just taste so awesome .. haha !

Visited : April 2016

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Posted Date : 17 June 2016
Posted Time : 12.01 am