| Taste Cafe | Ramadhan Buffet Dinner 2016 @ G Hotel Gurney, Penang

By : Chha

Taste Cafe at G Hotel, Gurney, Penang was previously renovated somewhere around end of last year and is now serving awesome Ramadhan food specially for this holly fasting month before Syawal kicks in for the wonderful celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri. G Hotel is taking the effort into making Taste Cafe a always trendy and up to the standard of being a modern cafe for G Hotel in Gurney, Penang.

Environment in Taste Cafe is no doubt classy and comfortable with a lot of seating place inside or even outside of Taste Cafe. Starting from 6 June 2016 until 5 July 2016, Taste Cafe will be serving a lot of tasty food in conjunction with the month of Ramadhan.

The very first thing that i would like to talk about is the Lava Stone BBQ Grill. The food on this BBQ Grill is cooked by using Lava Stone, the reason is simply because Lava Stone allows the food cooked to be able to maintain its original taste and not making it dry like how common Charcoal BBQ Grill will do. Food cooked on the Lava Stone actually taste much better and juicy as well.

Taste Cafe serve a lot of different dish for their Ramadhan Buffet which is really mouth watering for me, haha ! Even when taking photo, i keep thinking, arrrr .. when can i start eat ? hahaha !!

Smoked Tenggiri

Chicken Slices

Mushroom Chicken Ham

Smoked Salmon

If these does not make you feel hungry right now .. wait till you see more .. ! Well, my tummy is again gurgling now looking at these photos .. haha ! If you are into something heavy to eat like rice and noodles Taste Cafe have dish for you to mix with.

There are Braised Bamboo Fungus Crab Meat With Broccoli, Vegetables Tagin, Ikan Panggang (Baked Fish), Udang Tiga Rasa, Thai Roasted Duck Curry, Lebanon Sausage and many more choices to choose from.

Grilled Lamb Chop With Rosemary Sauce

Grilled BBQ Chicken Chop

Rendang Daing Minang

Some simple sea food are also available here at Taste Cafe.

Ok, enough of all those heavy main course, the rice, the noodles, the beef, the lamb .. let us took at some other food .. haha !

Pengat Pisang

I was told that the Pengat Pisang is tasty but i did not try it because i was too full already. It is made of Banana and 'Sago'. It looks yummy and the name sound yummy too, haha ! If only i have extra space in my tummy for this i would have tried a bowl or two, haha !


Kerabu ! Ah, its tasty, especially the prawn Kerabu, its spicy enough ! haha .. !

Dessert is always the best after a heavy and fulfilling meal, haha ! Something sweet and nice to complete the buffet for the night.

Baked Cheese Cake

Pandan Kaya Cake

Teh Tarik corner is what really caught my eyes, there is actually someone from Taste Cafe that will 'tarik' the Teh (tea) for you and it is done, like 11 times ? So that the foam from the 'tarik' is thick enough to give you the tasty Tah Tarik from Taste Cafe, haha ! Each cup of the Teh Tarik is 'tarik' separately.



You can also dip fruits into hot melted chocolate to give it a little chocolate taste , hahaha ! Well, if you ask me what is my recommendation or the food that you should try when visiting Taste Cafe at G Hotel for the Ramadhan Buffet. I would say that the food grilled from the Lava Stone BBQ is something that you must try. Other than that is the Baked Whole Lamb and not to forget the Durian Mousse that makes everyone goes crazy about it ! haha .. !

Baked Whole Lamb

Durian Mousse

Durian Mousse is made from durian paste which is a combination of few selected types of durian and one of it is from Musang King durian. Inside it is two layer of thin cakes and most of it is covered with this durian paste. One bite from this Durian Mousse will make you smile whole night, haha ! If you are durian love, then you should definitely try this, haha ! Highly recommended, it will make you go OMG, haha ! that's what was said .. haha !

Price For Ramadhan Fiesta Buffet Dinner :
Sunday - Thursday
RM115 nett / person

Friday, Saturday
RM150 nett / person

Current Promotion For Ramadhan Fiesta Buffet Dinner :
Buy 2 FREE 1
Valid from 6 June 2016 until 11 June 2016

Ramadhan Fiesta Buffet Dinner Availability Time :
From 6 June 2016 until 5 July 2016
6.30 pm - 10.30 pm (Daily)

In order to keep the food from being dull, Taste Cafe actually have 10 type of different menus in rotation daily, so you will actually find new types of food from their Ramadhan Fiesta Buffet Dinner, so go and indulge yourself and enjoy the Ramadhan. To all my Muslim friends 'Selamat Berpuasa !'

Address :
168A, Pesiaran Gurney,
10250, Georgetown,

Phone Number :

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GPS Coordinate :
5.437677, 100.310571

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Posted Date : 10 June 2016
Posted Time : 5.00 pm