Kampung Cina | China Town @ Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu

By : Chha

In Kuala Terengganu there is a place famously known as the China Town of Kuala Terengganu or Kampung Cina as the locals would call it. China town is located along Jalan Bandar in Kuala Terengganu city center at the river mouth of Terengganu River that empties into the South China Sea. Kuala Terengganu Chinatown is one of Southeast Asia’s early Chinese settlements and contains stately ancestral homes, temples, townhouses, and business establishments. The town is small but has colourful shop houses along both sides of the road that carries traditional flavor. The Chinese built the traditionally designed shop houses according to their place of origin in China. The buildings have been declared a heritage site by the United Nations UNESCO World Monument Watch Programme and grants are being given annually to finance preservation of this pre-colonial heritage significant. (Source)

Those newly added murals in every alley off the Main Street of Kuala Terengganu China Town is making this place more interesting and worth spending some time visiting especially after an amazing trip to Lang Tengah Island. The Turtle Alley is one of the famous alley in China Town dedicated to those cute turtle of Terengganu. It actually send a message to everyone out there to stop killing turtle for what ever reason.

The other alley that i was really looking forward for to visit when in China Town Kuala Terengganu is the Umbrella Alley which is actually the Lorong Kenangan Payang. This is the alley with the most murals.

I can say that every alley off the main street of this China Town has its own different murals and some even have unique theme to it.

This World Heritage Alley even have Love Lock ! Haha, Nice !

Other than those alley, you can also see few random murals around the China Town of Kuala Terengganu.

Getting There :

Coming here is easy, you can either drive here or if you are taking the Summer Bay Resort Shuttle from Merang Jetty then you will only need to pay a fee of RM10.00 per person.

GPS Coordinate : 5.333534, 103.132819

Kuala Terengganu is famous for its Keropok Lekor. Keropok lekor is a traditional Malay fish cracker snack originated from the state of Terengganu itself. It is also called fish sausage, fish stick, or fish fritters. It is made from fish and sago flour and seasoned with salt and sugar. It is slightly greyish in colour and tastes fishy. (Source) You can get it here in this Chinatown too. The one i tried is in T. Homemade Cafe.

I don't really like this steam Keropok Lekor because it has no taste to it. I would prefer those deep fried Keropok Lekor, haha !

Keropok Lekor RM10.00

Another famous local food is this mini bun. The mini bus is tasty, I like it ! The bun is in a small size of 6 and is toasted making it crispy, haha, it comes with a 'Kaya' and Butter that you can apply it to the mini bun yourself.

Mini Bun RM3.20

Asam Boi Juice RM5.50

Now this is ridiculous RM5.50 for a cup of drinks at a normal Kopitiam like this ? Which i can get the same exact same drinks or maybe better at a much much cheaper price !

I spend roughly around 3 hours visiting the Kuala Terengganu China Town, which include visiting murals, taking photos and lunch.

Visited : July 2016

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Posted Date : 22 July 2016
Posted Time : 4.00 pm