Sekinchan @ Sabak Bernam, Selangor

By : Chha

Sekinchan in Selangor is made famous by the local Chinese drama "The Seeds of Life" which was set here. Sekinchan instantly take the hit and become famous for its beautiful scenery of green and yellowish paddy field which span across the wide land of Sekinchan. That is also the main aim for me to visit Sekinchan but it was disappointing because during my visit, it was the harvesting season for paddy at Sekinchan ! So if you are going over to Sekinchan and would like to see the green and nice scenery of Sekinchan, make sure you choose the correct time. My visit was in July, so take note, don't go in July, hahaha !

Ok, now just put that aside. I manage to visit the Paddy Processing Factory in Sekinchan which is also called as the Kilang Beras Rakyat Sekinchan.

At this factory, they are selling food such as Crispy Banana Crackers, Shrimp Crackers and a lot a lot of rice, haha !

Pineapple Tart

Other than that, you can also get yummy ice cream.

It was only a very short trip visiting the Paddy Processing Factory in Sekinchan. Few minutes for me to buy some food, eat them and then leave.

That is about it for my visit to Sekinchan but if you would love to visit other place around Sekinchan there is a small map above for your reference, haha ! I know its small but that is basically the rough idea of how Sekinchan looks like on the map, haha ! You can also visit Pantai Redang during your visit or try on some of their nice seafood there.

Map :

Visited : July 2015

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Posted Date : 2 September 2016
Posted Time : 11.40 am